~ leading a free workshop this evening

 7 - 8 PM at Husk Creative Space, E1W LONDON 

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 tonight i will be leading a free workshop, where I will share some strategies of my writing and performance practice, chat about the "autofictional" and where we all will have a go at crafting and telling our own stories


My show has come to an end ✨☁️✨ 

thank u so much to everyone who has been part of it and showed softness through the exhibit and beyond . I never intend on using narratives of my life as my creative material but it always keeps on happening anyway, whether I want it or not, lol. 
I read up on themes that I want to engage with, have these grand ideas and then something totally weird and off-track happens to me in my life, I fall in love, or out of love, feel lost in bodies, or what bodies I desire, trying to figure how to exist as a body myself - but then I try to process my experience of being human in this instance through my art practice and hopefully I am opening this investigation up to create a space of sharing, a coming together, a celebration of vulnerability, -

Maybe I just wanna be less lonely on the off-track and so I tell my stories and paint lilac walls so that we can all set up tents here, where it’s soft and astray.

So yeah, I don’t know, it’s all been a personal journey and I’m feeling relieved but also confused, but most of all grateful for the space&support I was given my ppl and by @huskcoffee and I am hopeful to take/create more soft spaces in the city soon.