Squid is a soft femme top of your dreams aquatic character wearing a human costume underneath a squid costume through which I write and perform eco erotic encounters and cross-genre poetry. 

The Story is slightly different every time.

Squid has been getting humans wet in spots across London, Berlin, Brighton, Tel Aviv, Wroclaw.

photograph taken by  Sophie le Roux

photograph taken by Sophie le Roux

Here is what other Humans said about Squid:

Amanda’s squid takes a refreshingly innocent approach to sex, using story telling, surrealism and theatre to captivate her audience. Cute, weird and physiologically confusing. Amanda, I was with you all the way.
— Avi Tal (Temporary Autonmous Art London, UK)
A moving tragicomic performance operating in the golden area of surreality, where there is a beautiful clarity to the message but it slips into your subconscious beneath the kindest fits of laughter
— Joseph Summers (First Terrace Records, UK)
photograph taken by  Gemma Catherine Turnbull

photograph taken by Gemma Catherine Turnbull

Amanda’s performances are wonderfully captivating. Her energy and use of language is so naturally hilarious, I could listen to her talk about anything and probably be left in stitches. She has the gift of turning something benign into a world of bizarrely, intriguing absurdity.
— Buster Grey-Jung (Artist, UK)
Amanda has been able to put into words some of the more bizarre and abstract concepts that I only thought were possible to feel in an undefinable, emotional sense. Hearing her read aloud is like listening to someone voice your subconscious concerns, with aquatic fervor.
— Dan Fethke (Artist and Filmmaker, US)
photograph taken by  Sophie le Roux

photograph taken by Sophie le Roux